Dog Abuse- Part Three

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I promise this will be my last post on Dog Abuse for a while. I know no one likes to talk about it or see pictures of it including me but I owe it to the Dog Community to share information I know and found on it so we can prevent it from happening in the future and make it obsolete. So here it goes:

So the last thing I want to talk about to sum up Dog Abuse is the types of abuse, most people know the common ones (which shouldnt be a common thing to know) these are the types of abuse that should have consequences to anyone who harms an animal in anyway:

  • Fur Farming
  • Dog Fighting
  • Animal Experimentation
  • Crush Videos
  • Greyhound racing
  • Animal abuse cases
  • Traditional Chinese medicine
  • Dog and cat trade in Asia
  • Farm to slaughter house
  • Factory farming
  • Cruel animal over population
  • Breed specific Legislation
  • Puppy mills and farms
  • Pet abandonment
  • Shock dog collars

*These are not all types of abuse but ones most people know or should be aware are happening in the world*

How can it be stopped?

This is a question more people should be asking and taking the answers seriously and applying them to the world around them and in their lives personally to save these animals from abuse. Two major ways to stop dog abuse are knowledge of animal care and what qualifies as abuse and also to make more severe punishment for people who abuse animals (this would pertain more to court system but we can help make laws and punishments for those who break the laws)

What can it lead to if not treated?

Many things can happen if not treated (dog abuse) the main and most severe one is death of that animal if it has no chance of rehabilitation to being able to be human friendly and or causes a threat to the community and safety of others.  Most dogs can be rehabilitated and many places devote themselves to rehabbing dogs back to human love and acceptance.

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Other outcomes of abuse in dogs early years are food aggression. Bear my youngest dog had food aggression as he came from a adoption place in which he had to fight his brothers and sisters as well as other puppies for food as a baby so when he came into my house with two older and bigger dogs he was aggressive when we fed them at the same time. I am actually the one who sat with him for month I believe 3 total and played with his food and properly disciplined him if he growled or snapped and it showed him that no one else will take his food and he can take his time eating it (which he now takes like 20 minutes and casually eats his food). Another outcome is toy aggression which is very common among one dog homes as they don’t have to share. This is where Doggy Day Camp and Boarding them comes into play as they are exposed to sharing toys with other dogs in a controlled and monitored environment.

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*Like what I wrote? Have something to add? Want me to cover another topic i haven’t yet? Message or comment me on here and I will gladly write about it and find links to help you get as much information as possible on that topic*

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Dog Abuse- Part Two

Hey Dog Lovers, I am doing another part of Dog Abuse Post because it deserves more than one post based on the severity of the topic and knowledge people need to know about to prevent it from happening.

So why do people abuse animals? In my knowledge of animal abuse I have found that there are three categories of people who choose to abuse animals (including but not specifically to dogs) they are as follows:

The first are unintentional abusers these are people who have no idea what they are doing is harmful to the animal. Cruel types of discipline include punishment in the form of kicking or hitting the animal, imitation of the animal in a mocking way, making yourself huge and dominant over them in a mean way. Lack of attention is another form and finally an over population of animals in a home is considered abuse as well.


The next group is Intentional abusers these are usually young, uneducated people who thinking kicking a dog because you had a bad day or are frustrated is okay fully knowing it hurts the animal. Peer pressure from peers to hit or abuse an animal is also common among these group of people.


The final group is Cruel Intention abusers these are the worst kind of animal abusers these are the people who do it to get pleasure giving pain and violence to an innocnet animal. Most people in this group suffer from psychological problems. These type of people make me sick to my stomach and i don’t by any means enjoy writing about this stuff guys, but it needs to be brought up.


*Concerned someone you might know is abusing an animal or know of an animal abuse story and want to share some insight and thoughts on it, post or comment on my blog. I would love to have a conversation about it with you*

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Dog Abuse- Introduction- Part One

Dog abuse is a serious topic that derives from a lack of knowledge. The majority of people who abuse dogs don’t know what they are doing is considered abuse. As an example when people leave their dogs out in the yard when it rains and their yard floods, that’s abuse, the dog needs a better shelter. People even go as far as to keep control of their pet but discipline them in the incorrect way which is why its considered abuse. (Kicking a dog when frustrated, yelling at them for no reason). I just want to make a point very clear Intimidation of an animal that is helpless is wrong and abusive it teaches that dog nothing but to fear you and every other human. Other reasons why people are cruel to animals is because they don’t pay attention and this is leaving an animal in a car on a hot day with little air circulation, the heat in the car gets unbearable and for an animal that cant open a door or window is abuse. Dr. Ernie has a you tube video about how hot cars get when windows are barely open.

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Hurting animals is as simple as taking in way to too many pets then you can handle. People called hoarders are the ones found with a large amount of animals and I get that they are trying to help but in reality they are just making it worse for the animal. Only take in animals you can fully and properly take care. Also to note that having four or more dogs you need to apply and get a kennel license for your town so every animal is registered and that way the town can make sure the animals are properly taken care of. It is also in place to make sure animals do not end up living in a dirty, cramped and unhealthy environment.


*My next few posts will focus on Dog Abuse in many aspects so stay tuned for more information and links*

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Bully Breeds- Why are they so feared?

Hey dog people, today my mission is to talk about Bully breeds and how we need to stop this branding of dogs as Bull breeds because of their past. First and foremost I want to make it very clear that dogs aren’t the bully breeds their owners are. If a dog is raised in an environment that is bad for him such as chained to a pole or kept in a small kennel cage ( Kennel trained dogs are different) for a long time they get aggressive to be free and will do whatever means necessary to break free including biting.

The sad reality of media is that no matter how much we positively promote “Bully Breeds” including but not limited to Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepard to name a few we always have the media turning them into beasts.




A few years ago I saw a video on CNN  about a Pit Bull attacking a baby and severely injuring that baby. The mom to protect her child bit off that Pit bulls ear. But what CNN didn’t share with us the viewers is that the baby was hitting, slapping, and taunting that dog for hours prior to the attack. I’m not saying the baby knew exactly what it was doing but I know that the parents of that child should have stopped their baby from hitting their animal.

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This is a prime example of how an animals owners are responsible for what their dog does, some breeds need more obedience training then others but when you are researching breeds to adopt take that into consideration because that plays a huge part in how they are perceived in the community.

Media always shows Bully breeds biting or attacking their owners or other people but what about non bully breeds, Labs, Golden Retrievers and even Poodles have been known to attack and kill their owners because they were provoked.

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On the flip side of showing dog attacks maybe the media should show pit bulls that are loyal, caring and rehabilitation dogs for children with diseases and illnesses instead of putting them in a negative light.  Villalobos is a Pit Bull rescue in New Orleans (Pit Bulls and Parolees) that rehabilitates Pit bulls and makes them adoptable. More people need to be saving them not hurting and destroying them.

What is your opinion on Bully Breeds? Have they ever affected you negatively or positively? Comment on this post and let me know your stories and opinions.