Dog Toys

Hey Dog Lovers,

Today’s topic is on dog toys, the ins and outs of their health, safety, and sizes appropriate for certain size dogs. Places to buy dog toys is Petsmart, a kennel and or Petco.

Let’s start with what toys go with what size dogs and what are inappropriate for certain dogs to have as toys. Meaning what some toys may lead to in the future.

For smaller dogs toys can be any size as most dog toys out there are bigger then most of their heads. Medium dogs can have a lot of the same toys but not the same as small dogs as some small toys (small tennis balls, kongs) can be hazards as they could swallow them. This goes for large and extra large breeds as well due to their large mouths swallowing a small toy can cause digestive problems and choking, severely hurting them.

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Toy aggression

Toy aggression is most common in dogs that are in a home where they are the only dogs in the household. It is caused by the lack of sharing they have to do and that forces them to become possessive of any toy given to them. This can also go as far as being aggressive to their owners as well. This becomes an issue when you board your dog at a kennel or they go to camp and have to interact with other dogs. Kennels/Camps often have a community of toys they keep for dogs to play with while at camp. When a dog is toy aggressive it makes the counselor take the toy away because the toy aggressive dog gets defensive and snappy which could cause a fight.

All dogs are different when it comes to toys but make sure you teach your dog to share. What this means is to just play with them, take it away from them and discipline them when they show aggression as that is not behavior you want to positively enforce.

Do your dogs have favorite toys they have? Got any Pictures? Want your dog featured on this blog? Send me comments or questions and I can get your dog on my blog and share their favorite toys shown.

Well that is it for today guys! Thanks for reading!


Saying Goodbye is Never Easy

Hey guys this post is going to be tough but its for someone who deserves it,

Yesterday Monday November 17th 2014, God and my late Step-dad Al greeted my baby girl Jasmine Marie Nelson into heaven. She was my oldest dog at 11 years old. She was a Saint Bernard Hound mix. Beautiful in every which way. She was my first dog so this is pretty hard on me when I heard how much pain she was in and the decision we made as a family to put her down yesterday morning. I want this post to be a memorial of her life, the lessons she taught me and to share her beautiful life with all of you. I am going to start from the day we adopted her and memories throughout the years.

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We adopted Jasmine when she was 2 Months old from Sterling Animal Shelter in Sterling, Ma. We found out about her litter through a friend of ours and immediately decided to go adopt one of the puppies. But we had no idea what we were getting into. We drove an hour and a half to adopt our first family dog. We got there and immediately knew we wanted Jasmine to be ours. We signed the papers and picked out a matching purple collar and leash and left with this scared little girl. She shook the whole ride home and when we finally got home we introduced her to my step dad Al, he is the one who actually named her Jasmine. She was afraid of men so when she met him she peed on the floor and there is still a stain to this day in our basement. Over the years she learned to be a people person.

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When she was 2 (terrible twos) and I was 14 at the time I remember her eating my homework (yes my dog actually ate my homework) and my Brat dolls that were popular at the time. I was so mad at her for eating my toys but I knew she was a puppy and didn’t know any better. Plus my mom replaced them and my teacher saw the destroyed homework. Anyway she also was known to take my socks off my feet if they were loose and rip them apart. She loved playing fetch until we got Kody then she didn’t play as much. She use to spaz around the yard when we would run around with her and play fetch.  She loved the snow because she was part Saint Bernard. She was such a lively dog and always made you smile with her head turns and kisses.

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In the end she was strong but I want to share why we made the decision to put her down. Monday morning we found out from the vet that she was full of cancerous tumors. She was already crying in pain all the time and was on a pain med that didn’t work. We also found out she had a blood infection that was deadly. As well as she had 20% lung capacity to breathe that is not a lot and it was hard for her to breathe in these past few weeks. Because she was in so much pain it was best for her to be freed of her pain.

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I do want to tell you that my parents told me in her last moments she was licking my stepdads hand, lookign him straight in the eyes with her big brown eyes letting him know she was okay and wanted to be freed of this pain. Putting a dog down is never easy but as dog and animal lovers we have to realize its not whats best for us but whats best for the dog health wise. The vet told us that if we kept her alive any longer it would be cruel and selfish of us and i agree.

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She is free from pain and suffering, she is in heaven with my step dad Al. I will always miss her and love her and always keep her in my thoughts and always have those 11 years of memories that will last a lifetime.

Rest in the Sweetest Peace Baba, may you watch over me and protect me and know how deeply missed you are. I love you Jasmine, and I will see you again some day.


Please feel free to share any animals you know or have had that have passed and their stories on here. I would love to hear them and meet them even through memories.

Thanks for reading  guys and next week will be on a lighter note of Toys and what comes with choosing them for your dog!

Best Friends Pet Care Review

Best Friend Pet Care 

With locations throughout the USA Best friends pet care is slowly building their name as a place to bring pets for quality pet care in all departments. Many of the facilities include a vet clinic next door, kennel, grooming, and daycare. The most known location is in Disney World which was recently renovated. It’s a great way for the whole family to take a vacation and to know your furry friends are left in good hands.

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I currently am an employee for Best friends pet care in Ashland Mass. I have worked there for 3 years going on my 4th. I currently work as a part time seasonal worker as I am still in college. I currently am a kennel staff member, but mainly I work outside with 20-40 dogs and watch them play and make sure they are all behaving.

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To keep our clients updated on everything happening at Best Friends we made a Facebook page. We also share pictures of dogs on their birthday, and all holidays we dress them up and take silly pictures for their parents. Its really a hit. Among information our clients like to share their experiences with us that their pets had on their stay.

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Reviews from customers (from FB page):

  • Rachel Lombrado- “Mere words are not enough. Best Friends Ashland are the kindest people to care for my dog when I cannot. Loving, nurturing and attentive to all of their needs.I don’t trust anyone else. Five stars!!!!”
  • Kellie Trainor- “Seamus just loves visiting Best Friends Ashland! He’s been for both the doggie daycamp and overnight visits and always has such fun. He’s excited the minute I pull into the parking lot! He also got grooming there today and I have to say Samantha did a great job. He smells great and his fur is so soft. Thanks to all the staff who’ve made his visits so great!”

Hope you guys enjoyed my post on Best Friend’s Pet Care and hope to see you guys there or hear about your stories. Which you can share on my blog I would love to hear from you guys on your kennel experiences. Please Comment or message me on here guys!!

*Just an update on one of my dogs Jasmine she is not doing very well, she can barely walk, hasn’t eaten in a while and whines a lot. I will keep you guys updated as we are keeping her as comfy as she can be and the vets coming on the 17th*

How to Train your dog

Hey dog people, So to begin my post today I wanted to inform you about ways to train your dog:

1. You can attend puppy classes, the kennel I work at Best friends pet care holds puppy classes for 8 weeks I think for $130 dollars. This included the facility and having an instructor. In the class you learn how to train your dog to do different tricks and teach it walk in a leash and not pull as well as socialize it with other puppies.

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2. Train them yourselves; I have done this for my two older dogs Kody and Jasmine (pictured below). I was in high school and spent about a total of 2-4 hours a week with each Jasmine was first as she was our only dog for 4 years. I taught her to sit, lay down, circus dog, walk on a leash, fetch, stay, tug of war (good way not the dominant way) and paw. I rewarded her with love over treated because we didn’t want her to get fat. Kody on the other hand started our treat rewarding system. I taught him to circus dog (sit on back legs and balance), dance on four and two legs, sit, fetch (when he wants to listen), stay and paw. He stopped wanting to learn new tricks but sometimes he surprises me with ones I attempted to teach him when he was little. Bear my youngest is the one with the least discipline out of all three he is only one and a half and still learning he is crate trained (hes a brat) knows sit and paw on both sides. We are currently trying to teach him to lay down (but he stands up) and to stay but he doesn’t quite get those concepts and while I’m currently in school, both parents work full time and sister is living not at home no one really has time to devote to it but when I’m home on breaks throw some small training in as well as socialization at my work.

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3. Hire a person trainer to train your dog. Cesar Millan a famous dog trainer from Animal Planets Dog Whisperer he has helped millions of dog owners treat and train their dogs. I use to watch that show all the time to help decipher what my own dogs were saying. He gives great advice on how to train your dogs and the dos and don’ts. It is very instructional and helpful.

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Now for the Informational portion of the post:

Simple things to remember when training and disciplining your dogs:

  1. Reward behaviors you like
  2. Make sure behaviors you don’t like aren’t rewarded
  3. Reward or not in a timely manner (don’t wait hours then yell at them they won’y understand what they did wrong so it’s pointless)

Training sessions:

1. Make them short and sweet, dogs do not have long attention spans (like some humans) and cannot sit through a 2 hour training session. Hard and fast rule applies as training sessions should only last about 15 minutes of less.

2. When teaching a new trick do that trick by showing them (pushing gentle on their butt to sit down) about 5-15 reps so they have time to comprehend it.

3. To enforce skills learned use them in daily routines. Before handing them a treat ask them to sit, and give paw (if that far or just sit to start with). I make sure before any of my dogs get treats they do a trick for me even Jasmine whose 11 years old. (she just has to sit tho)

4. Quit while your ahead and end training sessions on a good note

5. Take baby steps and take it slow. It takes time for anyone to learn something new

Some websites that may help you in training your dogs: