Dog Food Revised

Hey dog lovers it me Chelsea again,

After reading some other amazing blogs about dogs that tackled dog food like I did last week I figured I would do another post on it and focus on the dog food my personal dogs eat. I will be focusing on their brand, reviews on it and my dogs personal experience with food through the years.

As you know I recently lost my baby  girl Jasmine, I mention her because she was my first dog my family owned so we had some experiments of what food to get for her. We went through at least five different brands and its funny because sometimes she would walk to her bowl, look up at me, wag her tail, smile then lay down and stare at it cause she knew it was not her other food. We sometimes had no choice to mix it up as they ran out before we realized it.

Their favorite brand that the boys still eat today is Kibbles and Bits, I am not sure why they love it so much as I think it smells funny, but I guess that is because I am a human lol 🙂 I am linking to a review on Kibbles and Bits for your personal viewing as I see it unnecessary to restate what they say.

Personally I think I dogs have specific tastes that they like and don’t  like, as we do as humans and our taste buds so when you are first adopting try a bunch of foods if your dog seems to not respond to one kind of food try another, and don’t stress to  much over it as it will all work out in the end.


Ins and Outs of Dog Food

Hey all dog lovers, tonight’s post is going to be on Dog food, its health benefits and set backs as well as amount to give your loved companions as to not get them fat. Each section will contain a list of dog brands that I have personally heard of and there rating, as well as a link to a review on that dog food as I am no scientist. 🙂

*Disclaimer- some foods may not be listed that you feed your dog, that is okay, if i talked about every dog food out there we would be here all day*

Popular Brands

Dry Food-  

(*****)Blue Buffalo Wilderness

(****) Harvest Blend Dog Food 

(***)California Natural 

(**)Eukanuba custom care dog food 

(*)Big Red Dog Food 

Wet Food 

(*****)Canine Caviar 

(****)Addiction Canned Food 

(***)Cesar Bistro 

(**)Bil Jac Frozen Food (Best Friends uses for house diet)

(*)Pedigree Dog food

Raw food 

(*****) Lotus Raw Dog Food

(****)K9 Natural Freeze

(***)Natures Logic 

Ask you Vet for their preference on what type of dog food your dog should have.  They will know best based on your dogs health, size, age, and energy level. As well as you, you know your dog the best so feed them what you want. Long as they get exercise and eat not to many treats and human food they will be fine.

For how much to give your dog, I would say base it off of their size. My 2 year old 75lb chow-lab gets 3/4 of a human drinking cup morning and night, but also gets at least three hours of playing time a day if not more. My lab, 125lbs (hes a little chubby but I love that about him) eats a human drinking cup day and night and also gets about the same playing time as the puppy. My recently deceased dog Jasmine who was 75 lbs and 11 years old ate half a cup morning and night and didn’t play just slept a lot as she got older. It all depends on the dog and their energy level and size. As they get older they will probably eat less as they wont be as energetic as they get older.