Today I have decided to focus on Bear the baby of my family and the problem child if you will of my well being. Don’t get me wrong I love him so much but sometimes he can be a real jerk (probably the chow in him) so its semi his fault and semi breeding/genetics. So in honor of my bratty little puppy brother (even though he is two years old already) I wanted to share some of my favorite  Bear photos in today’s blog post. Hope you enjoy!


Bear at 8 weeks old when we had to baby gate the house cause this little terror loved to chew and leave his mark everywhere. Notice he is on the inside of the gate….the genius actually figured out how to open the gate…..


Bear and I taking a break from knitting by napping, isnt he cute? Wish I could do a then and now picture but he wouldn’t stay still or cuddle like this again without putting up a fight.

Next week I will share some more pictures as my senior year of college is wrapping up and I love reminiscing about when my puppies were babies. Until next time. please leave comments and questions or pictures!


Wait…let me take a dolfie (Dog selfie)

Hey dog lovers,

Its that time of week where I get to post information on the latest dog news or share some awesome photos from work. As the semester ends I want to keep my posts light and fun so this week I am going to share Dolfies (dog selfies) its a new word I cleverly came up with, catchy I know.


This is Cooper, I believe he is 4 or 5 maybe younger, he is a chocolate lab mix and so sweet. His ears actually stand up naturally like this.


This sassy guy is Thor, he is a 4 year old great dane who loves to play with all his dog friends and is the sweetest boy to cuddle with. I just noticed his sass with his tongue sticking out.


This is Freddy, he is a 9 year old pug mix (not sure of breed name) he is so sweet has a sister whose name escapes me and she is a pug. They came to work for many years and whenever they were there everyone loves to pick him up and cuddle him. He has Napoleon complex and hates his face begin squished but loves to give kisses.

Those are all the doflies i have for you guys tonight but keep coming back for more dog photos and meeting the amazing dogs at work. As always I love comments, pictures and tips on what you want to see on this blog.

From Nose to Paw Fashion Trends of 2015 and Where to get them!!

Hey dog lovers,

Fashion trends of 2015 is today’s topic which I am extremely excited to share with you. Dog clothes and accessories have always been something I never really understood but after looking into it I think if I owned a little dog I would dress it up.

2015 Fashion Trends:

  • Printed Harnesses                                  pic one
  • Bright colored Harnesses
  • Plaid Harnesses
  • Bling personalized collarspic two
  • Rain coats                           pic three
  • Alligator dog bags

Dog Fashion Shops: 

pic four*all purpose harness is making a comeback in fashion trends*

Other Random Facts about dog Fashions and people in the Dog Fashion World:

  • Lauren Darr is the Founder of the International Association of Pet Fashion Professionals (IAPFP). From clothing to accessories to housewares, she’s been crazy about pet fashion since before it became cool.
  • In 2013, she co-authored “Pet Fashion Almanac 2014″ with Ellen Zucker, which became#1 best Seller. Wondering about this year? The “Pet Fashion Almanac 2015” (also a Best Seller) is out and can be purchased on
  • Light Up Fashions is emerging as the leader with LED fashion.
  • Karine Ng has been highly innovative with Central Park Pups and the all-in-one coat and harness trend.
  • Alexandra Giladi of Really Love Dogs is creative with her Urban Pawnk designs.

Have you ever dressed your dog up or know someone who has or does, please send me photos or comment on this post! I would love to see them. Thanks for reading!!

Pictures from Work

Hey dog lovers,

Hope everyone’s week is going good, almost half way through the week! YAY! As the end of my senior year at WSU is approaching and I have finals and portfolios to fulfill I wanted to do something cute and fun this week to easy my brain from the stress of being a college senior. So I decided to share some cute dog photos from the kennel I work at when I am home and tell you about the dogs in the photos. Its a fun way to meet my furry four legged friends.


This is Mr. T he was a Bull Terrier he was one of the first dogs I met when I started at Best-friends pet-care. He was 10 and lived not much longer after I started there maybe a year and he passed away surrounded by family but he always reminded me of a bunny cause when he ran he hopped more than ran it was the cutest thing ever. This breed looks like its intimidating but are actually extremely sweet dogs.

cracked iphone 032

If you follow me on instagram @nelschels18 you have probably seen this handsome little man, his name is Morty and he is a 7 month old french bulldog and my best friend ever. He loves to play with a giant purple ball outside and his friends at camp. That face just makes me want to squish him so badly!

iphone 2014 013

This is Baine he is a Pitbull mix, I am not sure his ago but he is a sweet pea once he gets to know you, my friend at work actually owns him with a another smaller dog as well. His eyes are so cool along with his coloring and he is very talkative when playing and clearly is a secret model.

iphone 2014 016

This is Teddy he is in this picture 8 months old, since then he is about the size of my dog Kody (100 ish pounds) he is a ball of energy and if given the chance will lick you to death as kisses are his favorite pass time along with chewing anything in site.

So thats it for this week guys! Thanks as always for reading and I would love to see pictures of your dogs and stories of how you got them and their favorite pass times. Have a great week everyone!!