Today I have decided to focus on Bear the baby of my family and the problem child if you will of my well being. Don’t get me wrong I love him so much but sometimes he can be a real jerk (probably the chow in him) so its semi his fault and semi breeding/genetics. So in honor of my bratty little puppy brother (even though he is two years old already) I wanted to share some of my favorite  Bear photos in today’s blog post. Hope you enjoy!


Bear at 8 weeks old when we had to baby gate the house cause this little terror loved to chew and leave his mark everywhere. Notice he is on the inside of the gate….the genius actually figured out how to open the gate…..


Bear and I taking a break from knitting by napping, isnt he cute? Wish I could do a then and now picture but he wouldn’t stay still or cuddle like this again without putting up a fight.

Next week I will share some more pictures as my senior year of college is wrapping up and I love reminiscing about when my puppies were babies. Until next time. please leave comments and questions or pictures!


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