Arthritic Remedies

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Hope everyone had a good memorial day weekend, and enjoyed the nice weather I know I did. Today’s topic is arthritis remedies for dogs with arthritis as a follow up for last weeks post.

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Once arthritis sets in with your furry companion there is no cure unfortunately but good news their are some ways to help them relieve the pain and live to the best ability they can.

Some general treatment options may include:

  • Possible use of antibiotics, painkillers or anti-inflammatory medications (Advil or aspirin works well before or after each meal)
  • Possible use of nutritional supplements to help replenish cartilage
  • Healthy Diet and regular, low impact exercise like walking
  • Thorough research of new products on the market that may ease your pet’s discomfort
  • Weight Loss if necessary

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Always consult your vet before trying new medications for your dogs, make sure you know the risks and rewards and make sure you are making choices for their best interest not just your own. They are your best friend so treat them that way.

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Come back next week to see how Kody and Bear like their new beds!!

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Arthitis in Dogs

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Today’s topic is Arthritis in dogs, mainly in older dogs.


Arthritis is a form of joint disorder that involves inflammation of one or more joints. As dogs age faster than humans do this inflammation can occur in young dogs as early as 4 years old. It is not common in this age but can happen based on genetics and breeding.

7 signs of Arthritis in dogs are:

1. Limping- can be noticeable if they favor one leg over another. It can also be noticeable when they first get up verses as their muscles have warmed up and its not as noticeable.

2. Difficulty moving – getting into the car, down or up stairs or even wanting to play ball or with their favorite toy will vary and dwindle as arthritis gets worse.

3. Spinal Issues- results in a sore neck, an abnormal posture with a “hunch” in the back, or lameness of one or both hind legs.

4. Tiredness- they want to sleep all day and not really want to get up or do anything but sleep all day

5. Irritability- your animal may snap and/or bite when approached or handled, particularly if the petting or handling takes place in a manner that increases their pain.

6. Muscle Atrophy- pets often develop muscle atrophy or dying off of the muscle tissue due to inactivity and decreased use of the muscles. A pet with atrophied muscles in their legs will have a leg which looks thinner than a normal leg

7. Licking, Chewing & Biting- Pets affected with arthritis may also begin to lick at, chew or bite at body areas that are painful. This may even reach the point of causing inflamed skin and hair loss over affected areas.


My late dog Jasmine had severed hip arthritis which caused her to eventually be immobilized and unable to move without severe pain. It was hard to see but it happens in most pets as they get older as we as humans get arthritis when we get older, it just happens faster with them.

Stay Tuned for next week where I share remedies to help dogs with arthritis.

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Hey dog lovers its me again and I am in the final stretch of my under graduate career!!!! Only 5 more days until I walk across that stage and get my diploma (okay maybe just a holder and the real one comes in the mail) but still just as exciting.


Although an exciting time for me and a time to celebrate I cant help but reflect back on the one girl who was there since I was in middle school, through the break ups, phone calls, arguments and cuddly times Jasmine was always there for me and never missed a beat. She was my first dog and the reason for everything I do for my dogs and all dogs alike. I know she is with me in spirit when I walk across that stage

. I love you always Jasmine wish you were here with me on this big day to lick my dress (that’s how she told me she liked an outfit) and snuggle the worries away. She may be gone but not a day goes by I don’t miss her and want to see her again. Until that day when I see her over the rainbow bridge.

Until next time when I will be a Alumni of Westfield State University!!

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