My New Co-Worker, Tattoo

Hey dog lovers,

You guys are probably wondering who this cute little man is and how can he be my co worker. I recently got a job at Body Mind and Spine which is a chiropractic office in Marlborough.

I walked in dressed to impress from the small black shoes to the dress and blazer combo. I told the receptionist my name and she says ” I’ll go get Dr. Faith”, so I take a seat in one of the chairs. Out from behind the desk comes this little Jack Russel who runs over to me and greets me with the cutest tail wag and skip I have ever seen. He shoves his head into my purse to check it out and then Dr. Faith comes out and introduces herself and Tattoo her fourth son and marketing tool at BMS. I was super excited as you know I recently left my job at Best Friends Pet care for numerous reasons and was missing all those dogs so to my surprise that I would once again get to work with another dog was exciting and comforting.

IMG_1688Tattoo is an 8 year old Jack Russel who can do many tricks including; sit, roll over, flip and downward dog (yoga position). He is absolutely the sweetest and kindest dog and perfect for the work place.

“The reason dogs have so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue” – Anonymous

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Kody loves his new bed, Bear is indifferent! 

Hey dog lovers,

Hope everyone’s week and past weekend is going well! Mine has been very productive and have a possible job offer so life is exciting for me as a recent graduate!

Today’s topic is on dog beds as my mom and I were shopping and we bought the boys new beds. The outcome was interesting, Kody loves his new bed as you can see in the photo but Bear is indifferent and honestly doesn’t care for it, slightly offended and yet not shocked.

download (1)

Dogs are funny in that way as they always surprise me in their reactions to things. I must also confess Bear has never been really into the whole new things idea he just wants to hunt things or beat up Kody.

That’s why I love dogs they are unpredictable yet have a devotion to their owners like no other.

Although this post wasn’t really informational I just wanted to tell you my experience today and share dog bed buying with you guys.

download (2)

Until next time dog lovers! As always I would love to hear about your dog bed shopping or reactions from your dogs or friends dog so please share in the comments 🙂

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“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole” – Roger Caras