Top 10 Must Have Halloween Costumes of 2015!

Hey dog lovers,

Today’s topic aside from introducing Ms. Aussie is the Top 10 Must Have Halloween Costumes of 2015! Check them out and get them before its too late and all the treats are gone. (They are in no specific ranking order)

halloween pic one1. Darth Vader, come to the dark side!

-Includes a character jumpsuit with arms, plastic helmet, cape and belt.

hallowwen 22. Minion, Bee Doo, Bee Do!

-Includes a blue and yellow jump suit with character headpiece.

halloween 33. Where’s Waldo?

-Includes a red and white striped shirt, glasses and a hat!

hallowwen 44. Bunananana Batman!

– Includes a grey suit with black cuffs, batman insignia, and yellow utility stripe. Also comes with attached cape and head piece.

haloween 55. Star Wars Yoda

– Includes a character jumpsuit with plush arms and character headpiece.

haloween 66. Who you gonna call? Ghost Busters

Includes a character jumpsuit and inflatable backpack.

haloween 77. Every Batman needs his Robin

Includes a shirt-style costume with the Robin insignia, yellow cape and black mask.

halloween 88. Help defeat the Galactic Empire! Ewok

-Includes a brown fleece jumpsuit with character hood!

halloween 9

9. Take a bite out of the competition as a SHARK!

-Includes a foam head piece and foam padded body with fins and a tail.

Halloween 1010. Bring your dog back to the prehistoric times with this costume. Stegosaurus

Includes a printed foam headpiece, foam padded body with

That’s it for today guys, hope you all have a fantastic treatful Halloween!


Introducing….Aussie my new baby

Hey dog lovers,

Today’s topic is super exciting as this weekend I not only turned the fun 23 but I also adopted a new puppy.

image1 (2)Her name is  Aussie. She is 9 weeks old.She was a litter of 4, 3 girls 1 boy. Two females have so far been adopted. She is a Cattle Australian Shepard mix. (Look at those colors and that face) I adopted her from Stowe’s Farm in Millbury. (Great place for fall activities with the whole family)

image2Kody and Bear are indifferent about her both as a puppy and a sister. Kody defends her is Bear tries to play to much. Because they acted shy when she first was introduced she has now used that to her advantage and chases bear (she is on a leash as she is so small she can escape) This is honestly hilarious. Bear is starting to love her and see the potential play partner in her. She is very intelligent as I mentioned in my last post, she now knows how to play fetch and pull on the rope.


Don’t forget to check out my other post coming soon (minutes actually) on Costumes for your dogs for Halloween.

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“Acquiring a dog, may be the only time a person gets to choose a relative”

– Unknown

Stubborn Personality = More Experience

Hey Dog Lovers,

Today’s topic is breeds for more experienced owners. The reason for this is that these breeds as you will read are very stubborn and need lots discipline, rules and an owner with backbone and experience. Just to remind you all like last weeks list there is no specific ranking or order of whose better.



  • Strong pack leaders
  • When they lack structure they turn aggressive and fast towards anyone
  • They are not your “typical” family dog


Akita (This is Boaz a past co-worker’s baby and he is so sweet!)

  • Need lots of training- puppy classes
  • Proper socialization from puppy hood
  • Fun Fact: They were originally bred as guardians so they can be very protective


Chow Chow (This is Bear My murderous chow mix)

  • Need proper structure and rules
  • Proper socialization early on
  • One family dogs- strangers cause them stress

Austrailian shepard

Australian Shepard Dog (This is Luna a dog from work)

  • Bundles of energy
  • One of the most intelligent breeds
  • They are a working breed- always need walks
  • Without physical activity they can become aggressive



  • Needs a constant push both mentally and physically to keep them affectionate and loving
  • Very active
  • Not a family dog- avoid young children


  • Loving, playful dogs who get top dog in a pack
  • Submissive breed
  • Proper Training and early socialization a must!
  • Needs a firm but gentle hand

siberian Husky

Siberian Husky (This is Oskar, my professors husky)

  • High Energy
  • Happy, loving, goofy
  • Plenty of exercise and daily walks

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard’s (My Jasmine, miss her so much, RIP)

  • Gentle and Loving
  • Extremely patient with little ones (Nana from Peter Pan)
  • Needs proper training and socialization with little ones as well
  • Stubborn Streak
  • Respect and positive attitude go a long way with this breed

German Shepard

German Shepard (This is Cassie a co workers dog, RIP)

  • Working breed
  • Respond well to firm and positive hand
  • Needs constant mental and physical stimulation


Rottweiler  (This is Connor my nugget whom I miss dearly)

  • Great with kids if socialized early and properly
  • Needs a strict and firm hand
  • Needs constant mental and physical stimulation (socially)

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“Work Hard so your dog can have a better life” – unknown

Breeds for 1st Time Owners

Hey dog lovers, another week another topic as I always say.

What breeds can and may be to much to handle? Check out below for your top 10 dogs to own as beginner dog owners!

Bichon FriseBichon Frise have excellent temperament, low maintenance, need occasional grooming, daily walks, love and lots of cuddles!

Cane CorsoCane Corso Italiano is a breed I am not that familiar with but they are closely related to the Mastiff and look like one to. They have a docile temperament, very low maintenance and they grow large.

Cavalier king charlesCavalier King Charles Spaniel are lil couch potatoes that love to curl up and cuddle. These are lazy dogs and need grooming more than the Bichon but less than a poodle. They are very sweet loving breed.

Golden RetrieverGolden Retrievers, this cute golden’s name is Chewy and he goes to the kennel I use to work with. He is a cuddle bug as you can clearly see. His cuddle buddies here are Quinn (Poodle) and Lola (Yorkie). This breed is one if not that most popular breed to own they are low maintenance, friendly with kids and adults and are easy to train. This is why they are used for tragedies as therapy dogs with their calm demeans.

GreyhoundGreyhounds most popularly known for their running ability these handsome creatures are very docile and seen as a large breed, they need basic exercise such as running daily or walks. They are also good running partners.

Lab RetreiverLabrador Retriever, one of my personal favorite breeds as you can see this is my handsome man Kodiac who is 9 this year. This breed is easy to train, very active so they need lots of energy activities (fetch) and they are also very social dogs from puppyhood.

papillonPapillons love being active, they are very playful and are agility lovers and have BIG personalities which can be a lot to handle at some times.

PoodlePoodles are one of the easiest breeds to train, they have  incredible temperaments, have a minimum shedding patterns and need regular grooming.

PUGPugs, this is Buster my high school friends dog she has had for close to 15 years, he is so cute with his snorts and sniffles and cuddles. They have squishy cute faces, low maintenance and hilarious personalities.

shetland sheep dogs Shetland Sheepdogs excel in fly ball, agility and obedience. They do need regular grooming but most love to be groomed and are very friendly with the right exposure early on.

Check out next week where I share the top 10 breeds that need experienced owners!

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“When an eighty-five pound mammal licks your tears away, then tries to sit on your lap, it’s hard to feel sad”- Kristan Higgins 

Dog Cheetah Duo

Hey dog lovers, I apologize for the delay in posting life has been getting busy but I am back and focused.

Today’s topic is on a news article I saw online and I thought it was just too cute not to share.


Can you picture a wild cat and a domestic dog not only getting along but are now inseparable? Well this is the case in Virginia after two-weeks, Kimbali the cheetah was being bottle-fed by animal caretakers at the Metro Richmond Zooafter they noticed he was losing weight since his mom wasn’t producing enough milk to feed him.


His life long friend Kago became his life line. Kago is a lab mix puppy who was rescued from the Art of Paws and brought to Virginia

“This symbiotic relationship would never happen in the wild; however, we believe the positive outcomes outweigh any negative,” the Zoo wrote.

“As the two grow up together, they create a bond that becomes almost inseparable, sibling-like. They provide companionship for each other.”

What’s more? The pair don’t appear “to recognize their differences in species, size, or color. There is only acceptance.”

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“His name is not Wild Dog any more, but the First Friend, because he will be our friend for always and always and always” – Rudyard Kipling (Author of The Jungle Book)