How to get your pet in the Holiday Spirit!

Hey Dog Lovers, I thought I would break from the pattern of recent posts about AMAZING dog blogs I have discovered to put you all in a little holiday spirit minus the cold weather and snow.

Here are the Top 10 Most Adorable Holiday costumes for 2015:


  1. Reindeer Outfit

Its a rein-dog..get it okay I am not that funny. This cute outfit is made by Top Paw and is only $8.49 for your beloved furry baby to lead Santa’s sleigh this holiday season.


2. Snowball Dog Scarf

This is a minimum gift that makes your pet look festive without wrestling them into a full outfit, this is a good compromise. The cost is only $14.


3. Mrs. Claus Dog Dress

Do you have a single dog looking to find puppy love this holiday season? Well slip them into this fancy little dress and they are sure to be the talk of the party. Preferably for lady dogs but if your male is adventurous by all means. Cost is only $8.49.


4. Hip Doggie Snowflake Longjohns for Dogs 

Does your dog shake a lot and need some extra warmth this holiday season while looking festive? Well invest in this $22.99 onsie for your hip holiday dog.


5. Santa Dog Costume 

At $22.22 this outfit for your male dog is a must. It is a classic look and would go great with that Mrs. clause outfit mentioned above. This outfit will surely melt your heart this holiday season.


6. Bearded Santa Hat 

There is no Santa without his beard and what is more festive then giving your dog a festive look and giving you a nice chuckle. Its not just a Santa hat but a Santa Beard too and it only costs $12.


7. Martha Stewart Pets Elf Hoodie

Does your dog like to follow you around the house when you are doing chores or wrapping gifts does he just watch you like a hawk, well now there is a costume made just for him. He can look absolutely adorable in this hoodie. Comfy and festive at only $9.99.


8. Holiday Reindog Cap 

This cap will add an extra shiny outline to any holiday party. Also the perfect costume for puppies to add that extra cute factor to them.


9. Santa Sweater

Have more than one dog, well why not form an all inclusive Santa Paws club as the holidays approach or for that dog holiday party you know you want to throw this is the perfect excuse and at only $25 its a steal, but don;t steal it cause you will end up on the Santa’s Naughty List.


10.Christmas Caroler Dog  

Finally this is the only outfit for caroling canines this holiday season. What dog doesn’t like to sing Christmas carols or howl them and at only $95 I would say that is worth the investment in terms of pictures and attention your dog would get.

1014109_1672541266351077_5021143631338398584_n (1)

Happy Holidays Dog Lovers and make sure you check out Aussies Amazing Adventures and Scarves for Paws for those last minute Christmas Ideas or just to shop.


Spotlight: Love and a Six-Foot Leash

Hey Dog lovers,  today I am focusing on Love and a Six-Foot Leash which you should all check out now…well after you read my post of course! 🙂


Name: Love and a six-foot leash 

Overview: Fostering can be a life-saving endeavor and that is what this blog is all about. Over the past year it has changed into bringing a baby into the house with her other two fur babies. Since she found out she was pregnant she has been slowly transitioning the dogs into realizing another human puppy is coming which is critical for any major change in a dogs life. This is a great resource for mothers to be with dogs.


Look: Easy to navigate and pleasing to the eyes with all the beautiful pictures she posts. Due to her busy life as a mom to three babies she has stopped posting as much but she makes sure she sends the important messages about fostering and preparing new pets for a new addition pet or human.

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Spotlight: Tale and Tails

Hey dog lovers, today’s spotlight is Tales and Tails Blog, check it out!

tales and tails

Name: Tale and Tails

Overview: Written by a girl from Midwestern girl names Carrie, who talks about her three retired racing Grey Hounds and two gorgeous German Shepherds. It is covered with beautiful pictures probably because Carrie took home the Blog Paws Nose-to-Nose award for Best Blog Photo.

Look: Light, airy, organized and tidy and easy to navigate for anyone. Carrie writes pretty much everyday which is fantastic so there is always something new to read about. She is very interactive with her readers and responds to comments but also likes to keep the conversation open. Subscribe now if you enjoy a fun good read.

tales and tails photo

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Spotlight: My Brown Newfies

Hey dog lovers, this week I will be focusing on another blog that you should all check out ASAP!


Name: My Brown Newfies

Overview: A pet and lifestyle blog that touches on a variety of topics, including pet health, products, and holistic medicine. The Blog stars are Sherman and Leroy and they’re often the subject on beautiful photos taken by their mom Jen, who is a veterinary assistant.


Above is Jennifer Costello and Sherman.

Look: This blog is covered with the cutest pictures, its easy to navigate and the posts are always entertaining. With 3 or 4 new posts a week it is definably a site you need to check out.

Check our Aussies Amazing Adventures as well!

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