Spotlight: You did what with your Wiener?

Hi Dog Lovers, another week, another spotlight on a blog I have to say that has one of the best names ever…..enjoy!

Name: You did what with your Wiener?

Overview:  A doggy lifestyle blog about the like of two dachshunds. It focuses on breaking stereotypes, having fun, staying active and fighting pet obesity. In the dachshunds world these are very important topics.


Jessica is the creator and writer of this blog along with her other projects as President of Adventure wiener club of Seattle and owner of Pet Talk Media.

Look: This blog is neat, tidy, nice to look at. It’s well written and well rounded as she never keeps the story going for to long as to entice her readers as she has done for years. This blog always keeps you coming back for more!

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“A dog is nothing but a furry person”-Anonymous


Spotlight: Fidose of Reality

Hey Dog Lovers, today I am going to talk about a new blog that has caught my eye as it always has something interesting to read. 


Name: Fidose of Reality

Overview: This blog covers so many different topics and does it so well by taking an in depth look into health, dog lifestyle, traveling with dogs, dog products and so much more. The blog is written by Carol who writes with such confidence and humor and knows how to drive her reader in no matter the topic at hand. 


Look: It is well designed, organized, easy to read and very interactive even to the new dog lovers out there. Make sure to add this awesome blog to you must read for 2016!

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“A well trained dog will make no attempt to share your lunch. He will just make you feel so guilty that you cannot enjoy it.” -Helen Thompson