Man ticketed for having a Pitbull

Hey Dog lovers,

Have you ever heard about someone being ticketed for adopting a dog from a shelter?

The article states that Waterford Township police on Monday issued a citation to a man accused of violating the municipality’s pit bull ban.

The controversy arose over Dan Tillery’s new companion, a dog he named Diggy after adopting the pet with help of Detroit Dog Rescue, a nonprofit that facilitated the adoption. Detroit Dog Rescue predominantly assists with the rescue and adoption of pit bulls or pit bull-mixed strays.

Police say the dog violates the township ban, while Detroit Dog Rescue and Tillery claim the pooch is technically an American bulldog.

Detroit Dog Rescue says Diggy, previously an unwanted stray, spent nearly 100 days confined in a shelter after being matched with Tillery.

Police learned Tillery adopted the alleged banned-breed dog after a photo posted on the Detroit Dog Rescue Facebook page celebrating the union of Tillery and Diggy went viral and was “shared” thousands of times.

Waterford police say they received several complaints in reaction to the photo and visited Tillery’s home Thursday afternoon, at which time they determined Diggy is a pit bull, therefore banned in the township.

Tillery told police he’d find a new home for the dog by Monday, but according to a report written by police Monday, that didn’t happen.

The fine for violating Waterford Township’s pit bull ban is up to $500.

Detroit Dog Rescue in a post on Facebook said they hope to keep the pair together in Waterford, despite the law.

They are urging Waterford Township businesses and residents to email or send letters to officials urging them to allow Diggy to “keep his Waterford license and remain a Waterford resident.”

What an interesting story you don’t hear every day.



10 Companies that allow dogs

Hey Dog Lovers, wish you could take your furry baby to work, well read on and see jobs in which you can!

GOOGLE – Pooches have been a part of the Google workplace for years. The company prefers dogs to cats per behavior and social aspects stated in their code of conduct. This isn’t a free for all. There are rules, though. Employees have to get approval from their managers and work neighbors to make sure everyone’s OK with it. Dogs aren’t allowed in meetings, break areas or on the sand volleyball court. And there’s a one-strike policy for messes or aggressive behavior.

Etsy- Since 2005, Etsy has had a dog-friendly office policy, even going so far as to create a “canine operations team.” Employees say the four-legged associates lower stress levels and increase levity at work. “They make people smile almost universally, and I think they allow anxiety to diffuse when they suddenly skitter by. I have a tough time hating my email when Hoover comes over to say, ‘hey.'”

Tito’s Handmade Vodka – While most companies limit employees to bringing in dogs, Tito’s has no such restrictions. Employees are encouraged to bring in any animal—even rabbits. Dogs do get most-favored status, though, with their own play area next to the distillery, and they’re allowed to roam free around the office. The company is also committed to animal rescue, with employees serving as fosters and donating goods for fundraising efforts for rescue and shelter organizations.


Amazon– Amazon kept dogs in mind when designing its forthcoming Seattle campus, cordoning off space for a dog park, where pets who came to the office could stretch and answer the call of nature. Reception desks are stocked with dog biscuits, and there are dog-friendly drinking fountains scattered around the current campus as well.

Ben & Jerry’s– Given the grass-roots nature of this ice cream company, it probably doesn’t come as a big surprise that pooches are welcome at the South Burlington, Vt., headquarters. The in-house dogs are introduced to visitors just as readily as employees are. And they’ve even proved evangelists for their species. One employee who was once afraid of dogs eventually ended up changing her mind and adopting two of her own after working there a while.

Proctor & Gamble– The company’s IAMS and Eukanuba pet-food divisions go out of their way to be dog-friendly, not only allowing employees to bring their pets to work but also providing free pet food to employees—with annual allowances of up to 400 lbs. There are even animals with management positions, specifically a vice president of canine communications. Griffin, a Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen, currently holds the job after a nine-year stint from a Labrador named Euka.


Build-a-Bear Workshop- Build-A-Bear likes more than stuffed animals. The company’s headquarters welcomes dogs—even to the extent where it has a CED, orchief executive dog—who throws a party every year on his birthday. Employees are welcome to bring their canines to their desk and meetings, though not the cafeteria. The policy has been in place for more than 10 years.

Clif Bar- Clif’s benefits have been widely praised from publications ranging from Fortune to Outdoor,with a focus on the company’s holistic approach to well-being. Part of that includes being a dog-friendly workplace. The four-legged mascots occasionally even make the company blog, like when they abscond with someone’s bagel.

American Kennel Club- It’s probably not a big surprise that an organization so dedicated to dogs would allow them at the office. What is surprising, though, is they’re only allowed at the Raleigh, N.C. headquarters of the American Kennel Club (AKC). New York City staffers have to leave their pets at home. Dogs have to be at least six months-old, and hold a Canine Good Citizen certificate (or hold an AKC Obedience, Rally or Championship title). They’re not allowed in meeting or break rooms, and if you’re going to bring your pooch to the office, you’ll need to have a ‘dog buddy’ to watch over Sparky when work calls you away from the immediate area.


Zynga- You’re unlikely to find many companies more dog-friendly than Zynga. (The company is named after former CEO Mark Pincus’s dog, after all.) Employees can take their canines for walks on the “wooftop” dog park or take them to lunch outside the cafeteria’s dog-friendly “barking lot.” The company even provides health insurance for employees’ pets.

” I have caught more ills from people sneezing over me and giving me virus infections than from kissing dogs” – Barbra Woodhouse 

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Spotlight: Dog Tipper

Hey Dog lovers, today I am talking about a blog that is always fresh and new and up to date with tips and tricks for all breeds. From the easy going to the stubborn *cough, cough* Aussie. Enjoy today’s spotlight!

Name: Dog Tipper 

Overview:  With more than 7,000 pages of rich content, Dog Tipper focuses on saving money and saving dogs in addition to dog tips, news, give away, product reviews and much more.

John Bigley and wife Paris Permenter run this fun filled blog with their passion for animals. They always provide one of a kind information which is what makes it a must to add to your weekly blog list.

Look: This blog is neat, bright contrasts and defiantly makes you want to learn everything they have to teach you.

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