Week 1: Beethoven / Turner & Hooch

Hey Dog Lovers,

For the next 12 weeks I am going to be doing a series of Dog Movie Reviews, 2 a post. With some other fun posts in there if anything overly exciting happens in my life that I feel the need to share.


*These are in no specific order, nor is there a rating system for them*

Beethoven (1992)


A classic comedy by the director Brian Levant (The Flintstones) starring Charles Grodin and Bonnie Hunt. This movie brought a lovable, St. Bernard into our lives who, as it turned out ends up being an incredible lucrative franchise. There has been a total of 8 Beethoven  films to follow the original one. The first one as in most cases is the favorite one. Although it did receive mixed reviews from critics, the movie was a box office success and is still enjoyed by families and dog lovers today.



Turner & Hooch (1989) turnerhooch

Released by Touchstone Pictures in 1989, Turner & Hooch is easily one of the most essential buddy -cop movies – despite the fact hat one partner is a dog. Though this movie does have their sad moments. the film is basically heartwarming story about a neat freak (Tom Hanks) warming up to a slobbery dog in true odd couple fashion. Turner & Hooch also received mixed reviews while still doing well at the box office and has become a pop-culture history with a nod in television shows like Scrubs and Castle.

Thanks for reading dog lovers. Have a great week!

“If dogs could talk, perhaps we would find it as hard to get along with them as we do with people”- Capek 

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D.I.Y Part Two

Hey Dog Lovers,

As promised here is the second half of the D.I.Y treats and dog toys.

10. No Sewing Demin Dog Toy DIY No-Sew Denim Jean Dog Toy Tutorial

Grab an old pair of jeans that are ready for the trash and re purpose them for your fur baby. All you need is scissors and old pair of jeans. Creativity Unmasked is the mastermind behind this awesome toy.

11. Simple Sock ToyDog Toy

How many unmatched socks do you have laying around the house? I know I have more than I would like to admit. This is the perfect toy for D.I.Y beginners. The Cozy Condo created this one.

12. Sewing Scraps Dog Toy

This toy is made out of old towels, toys and clothing no longer usable for its original purpose. Sew it Love it is responsible for this adorable dog toy.

13. Homemade Squeaky Toy squeaky-dog-toy

If you have a dog who loves to take the squeaker out of every toy you get them then this is the project for you and your pup to enjoy for a while. Laura Griffin Designs is the creator.



14. Shirt Scarp Dog Toy

Try this simple toss and tug toy made from T-shirt scraps and tennis balls this is by The Experimental Home. 

dogtoyRun (1)Instructions: Cut T-shirt yarn into arm length pieces. Separate into three equal piles and braid each one.  Braid them together stopping one third of the way through insert a tennis ball. In order to insert the ball, cut holes in each side of it with heavy duty scissors or safely use a knife.To thread one of the braids through, you can use a needle out of wire. Pull it through is the hardest apart of this project.Continue braiding and finally tie a big knot in both ends and you are done.  

15. Frozen Sock Toy

Another one from Instructables. It really doesn’t get any easier than freezing a knotted sock to give to your pup.

16. Toy on a Stick


Think toys on a stick are just for cats? Think again; Your dog will love this toy from Notes From a Dog Walker.  For those not crafty people you can buy this for under $30.






“The greatest pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself too” – Samuel Butler

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DIY Dog Toys

Hey Dog Lovers,

Today I wanted to share some cool D.I.Y dog toys you can make so you don’t end up spending 100’s of dollars on toys to only be destroyed in days or hours in my case.

  1. Ball Tug Toydiy-dog-toys.jpg

Grab an old tennis or squeaky ball and a little bit of fabric and create this fun toy.

2. Interactive Dog Feeder Toy tiki-feeder1






This sturdy feeding toy created by Dog Tipper an awesome blog (go check it out after this reading this post) will keep your dog busy for a while as she twists and turns to get food. If your dog is food oriented like mine is she will have no issue getting that treat out.

3. Plastic Bottle Tug ToyIMG_2496_2

Chances are you have a plastic water bottle in your house or car somewhere. If you don’t I have plenty to share. Grab some fabric and up-cycle it into this cute toy from Ammo The Dachshund. 

4. T-Shirt Rope Toy

I personally recommend this one as Aussie is in her chewing stage and she is infamous for destroying ropes I think we are on to our 3rd one and stopped buying them due to the dangers if she swallowed pieced of rope. Cut up a bunch of old, stained, ripped or too small shirts into strips. Then braid together tightly. This is safer than the ropes you buy in the store as these don’t rip as easily.


5. Agility Jump

Get your dog a little exercise with this easy to make jump that can be set up in your backyard or large living room. Check out Soft Puppy Warm House for the details on this cute project.

6. Rope Ball ropeball2

This is a good toy for dogs that need to be mentally challenged more than the average dog (Working breeds) as you can hide a treat in the ball for them to find. Hands Occupied is where this came from.

7. Sweet Potatoes Rope Toy

This was a new for me to hear and read about but it is a pretty clever idea. Check out Instructables for all the details.

8. Towel Tug Toy

This has the same concept as the T-shirt idea. This is a great way to recycle your old toys and save those new ones you want to keep nice for your guests. Check out Retrobellish for the instructions.

9. “Pupsicles”

pupsicles maintray.JPG

Your dog will love this tasty treat that doubles as a toy and keeps him busy, created by Life in Mama Tone. 

What you need:

Ice Cube tray (s)

Milk Bones (or their favorite treats, carrots, etc.)

Broth- water you boil your potatoes in, chicken broth, coconut oil, etc.



Thanks for reading and check out next week where I share more D.I.Y dog toys and treats.

“If there is no heaven for dogs, then I want to go where they go when I die” – Anonymous

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Betty White Reunited with family after 3 years

Dear Dog Lovers,

Betty White was reunited with her family after 3 years after being missing. Betty White the dog is from Minnesota, she is a white Great Pyrenees who went missing from Is-anti147035210151837362283303487648313n Minnesota area on Nov. 16th 2013. She was two years old when she wandered into the woods and never returned.

Over this past weekend Betty was found and reunited with her family after 985 days.

“Aside from heavy mats, she is doing great” the page says.

“Whoever said you can’t buy happiness forgot about little puppies” – Gene Hill 

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