Week 6: My Dog Tulip / Balto

My Dog Tulip (2009)MV5BODM0MjMyMTUyOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjIwMTY3Mw@@._V1_UX182_CR0,0,182,268_AL_

“Unable to love each other, the English turn naturally to dogs” This sentiment, penned by late writer J.R Ackerley, is the driving force behind the animated film My Dog Tulip. The film is based on his memoir about adults with its serious subject matter and cast featuring Christopher Plummer, Isabella Rossellini, and Lynn Redgrave. My Dog Tulip is warm and heartfelt and also explores a side of pet ownership that anyone with a dog will recognize with a laugh and a nod.


Balto (1995) MV5BMjA4MDQ0Nzc3N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwMTkzODk4._V1_UY1200_CR98,0,630,1200_AL_

Released by Universal Pictures, BALTO is the story of a wolf dog who helps to save children dying of diphtheria during a true event called the Great Race of Mercy (later celebrated with the Iditarod Tail Sled Dog Race). The film did not receive either positive  critical reviews nor was there a big turnout in the box office. Many children remember Balto (myself included) as a real-life hero because of the film, and despite some inaccuracies it has a rather great history lesson.

Thanks for reading dog lovers. Have a great week!

“If your dog doesn’t like someone you probably shouldn’t either ” – Unknown 

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