Week 8: My Dog Skip / Eight Below

My Dog Skip (2000) 515H5RFHSBL._SX342_

This film has an incredible cast featuring Frankie Muniz, Diane Lane and Kevin Bacon and on an enjoyable plot filled with comedy, drama, and historical significance. The real talent in this movie is the two Jack Russell Terriers (Moose and Enzo, who were actually father and son) they gave their heart into this movie. The movie recouped its $7 million budget on opening weekend and went on to make over $35 million worldwide. Remember your tissues for this one as there are some tear jerking moments.

Eight Below ( 2006)

download (1)

Four years after Snow Dogs was released and received generally negative reviews, Buena Vista Pictures released Eight Below. This film is more serious as it centers around a pack of sled dogs that are left behind on a dangerous mission and later rescued by their owner. The cast included Paul Walker, Jason Briggs, and four canine actors who also starred in Snow Dogs. This movies does a great job at incorporating both the human and canine sides of this story to bring it together in the end.


Thanks for reading dog lovers. Have a great week!

“The more people I meet the more I like my dog” – Unknown 

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