Worlds Rarest and Oldest Dog discovered

According to DNA analysis the New Guinea highland wild dog are the most ancient and primitive canids in existence. Recently thought to be extinct researchers have confirmed the existence of a healthy and viable population hidden in one on the most remote regions on Earth.

Researchers were able to capture 100s of photographs of at least 15 males, females and pups surviving far from human contact.

“This was a huge discovery and an incredible opportunity for science” stated the group from New Guinea Highland Wild Dog Foundation (NGHWDF)

The 2016 Expedition was able to gather information, samples and observe these creatures and learn how they thrive in the wild.

According to NGHWDF there are roughly 300 New Guinea singing dogs remaining in the world. Living in Zoos, private facilities and private homes.

Commonly known for their high-pitched howls. which if in a group perform in a chorus sometimes for several minutes.


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