Shelters to Check out in the Area

Hi Dog Lovers,

Just wanted to plug some awesome Shelters in the area in case you are looking to Adopt!

Dog Orphans in Douglas MA

Milford Humane Society (Cats Only) Milford MA

Baypath Humane Society of Hopkinton in Hopkinton MA

Greyhounds Friends Inc in Hopkinton MA

Medfield Animal Shelter in Medfield MA

Pawfect Life Rescue in Mass

Ruff Tales Rescue in Bellingham Ma


Please remember to Adopt and don’t Shop 

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Lyme Disease is on the Rise

Hi Dog Lovers,

Lyme disease is something that effects almost 95% of dogs and Cats. Humans can also contract it. Once you contract the disease there is nothing that can cure it. It does not kill  you but it does affect your joints as it does in animals as well. Vets have the Lyme disease shot that they recommend to pet owners in wooded areas to give yearly to help fight it but it doesn’t prevent your dog from contracting it from a tick.

lyme-ticks-and-dogs-p1-normal2017 may be a Particularly bad year according to the experts. Ticks are not the only ones to blame when it comes to Lyme Disease. Places that have an increase of acorn production leads to more mice which are the most likely to be infected by ticks leading to Lyme disease.

Symptoms in dogs to be aware of are:

Fever, Loss of Appetite, Reduced Energy Lameness (shifting, intermittent and reoccurring), stiffness, discomfort or pain and Swelling of Joints.ticks


Please don’t think that because your dog has Lyme Disease their lives are over. Jasmine and Kody both has Lyme disease for years after they were diagnosed and it was not their cause of death in the end it was old age and cancer. Bear my 4 year old Chow Lab was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and he is perfectly fine and shows no symptoms listed above. It is a slow disease progression in MOST dogs as all dogs do vary.

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Week 5: Breeding

Breeding although common in most parts of the world can be a sensitive topic to those passionate about rescues. With 1.2 Million dogs killed in the United stated each year, supporting Breeding is one to question.


Pure bred’s make the majority of family pets in the US. Although there has been a recent spike in the adoption of rescues it isn’t enough to save those in shelters up for death.

Before you say anything I want to make clear, I have a pure bred Australian Cattle dog/Shepard. She is awesome but she was an impulse buy but I love her none the less. I have also rescued 3 other dogs with my family. I know both sides of this and personally I think every dog deserves a home as they didn’t choose how they are brought into this world. However there should be some breed control standards and limitations. On the other side people need to stop being so picky and love dogs for their personality not what breed they are or what they look like.  Pure bred dogs are actually known to have more health issues than mixed breeds.


Just for your thoughts on population control; each dog couple and their puppies can produce 67,000 dogs in just 6 years. That is an insane number. Even if we spayed and neutered every dog in the US today we would still have enough dogs for every family to adopt for the next 10 years.

Thanks for reading dog lovers. Have a great week!

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Week 4: Body Modification

**Warning, this is one of the most heated discussion you can get into with some pet owners, Unless stated “In my opinion or Personally” I am reporting what I found in my research and what I write in no way affects the way I feel about this topic**

Many breeds are unaffected by body modifications but also many are affected by this issue.  As there are so many breeds now a days to name all that apply would be a post in itself, I will name a few so you can get the idea; Rottweilers, Australian Shepard, Doberman, Pit bulls, etc. 

Body modifications are those such as ear cropping and pinning, tail docking and declawing are a common practice among breeders that need to uphold a certain “standard” for specific breeds. These modifications are generally used for superficial pleasure rather than enhancing the life of the animal. 


Tail Docking. A dog’s tail is a continuation of their spine. When severed the muscles and bone are torn off, causing immense pain to the animal. The argument to this is that this process is done as a puppy so if the puppy doesn’t remember does it matter. 

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Ear Cropping and Pinning. Dogs ears are a sensitive and necessary part that makes them dogs. The purpose of their ears is to keep dirt from floating into the ear canal which can cause listening/sound problems and even infections to lose hearing all together. Dogs are able to move their ears independently for a good reason. Why take that away and make them,appear more aggressive then they actually are?

Every dog is beautiful in their own NATURAL way, love them for who they are and not what they look like. 

Thanks for reading dog lovers. Have a great week!

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