Popular Dog Breeds In 2017 AKC

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Here is the Top 10 AKC most Popular Breeds in 2016


Labrador Retriever 

German Shepard 

Golden Retriever 

Bull Dog 


French Bull Dog 

Yorkshire Terrier 




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Dog Deaths in 2016

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It is important to keep your dog leashed and know how to handle them in a high stress situation. A dog bite due to a misbehavior accident is the leading cause of dog deaths in 2016. Easily preventable, if your dog isn’t friendly don’t make them be. I wanted to provide some statistics from 2016 dog bites for your information;

31 U.S dog bite related fatalies in 2016 including;

  • 22 Pit Bulls
  • 2 Rottweilers
  • Labs and Mixes contributed to 3 deaths in 2016
  • American Bull dog, Belgian Malinois, Doberman Pinscher, German Shepard, Mix breed, Rottweiler accounted for 2 deaths each
  • 42% (13) were children ages 9 and under
  • 58% (18) were adults ages 30 and over
  • Of the total adults killed by dogs in 2016 67% (12) was by a pit bull
  • Infants 3-6 days old account for 31% of of child deaths

These are just a few but they are sad. Please learn to know your dogs temperament so you can avoid a death of a child, adult or your dog.

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Be Prepared in case of an Emergency

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Just wanted to do informative post as well as educational to help all dog owners be prepared in numerous emergent situations. Better to be safe then sorry. I am actually going to Dollar tree after work today to better prepare myself and my animals.

Assemble a list of Emergency Information that is in or near your phone at all times. Include numbers such as ASPCA poison control, family veterinary, local 24-hour emergency hospital and people who can spur of the moment take your dog.

Prepare a Pet Emergency Go-Kit pet-first-aid-kit-shutterstock_103607843

  • First aid supplies, guide book, 3 day supply of pet food in a water proof bag, bottles water, safety harness and leash, waste cleanup supplies, proof of ownership and recent vaccinations, medications, medical records, emergency contact list.
  • **Update/ Check once a year to keep it updated and safe**

Update Pet Tag, Microchip Information 

  • Equip your animal with a collar tag or microchip and keep that information updated if you move of change phone numbers. This ensures someone will be able to contact you should you animal be lost or in an emergency situation. 

Choose a “Safe Spot” pets-welcome-shutterstock_173297495

  • Many Local or State health and safety regulations do not allow pets to accompany their owners to disaster shelters. Be prepared with a local pet hotel or motel or a boarding facility who can care for them if you cant

Identify Out-of Area Animal Emergency Facilities 

  • Best to have a list of emergency Veterinary Facilities outside your immediate area. If your local one shuts down this allows you to be prepared and have a alternate emergency facility.

Buddy up with a Pet-Friendly Neighbor 

  • Nearby neighbors, friends and family and the perfect support system during an emergency and may even be able to evacuate your pet if you are far away from home. 

Display a Pet Rescue Decal on your Home pet-rescue-decal

  • Placing such a decal as the one pictured on your front door or window will let first res ponders know there is a pet or pets inside to evacuate. Include your vets information on the form and write EVACUATE in capitals if you already got them out. 

Know where to search for Lost Animals 

  • Often pets lost during disasters end up at local shelters. Have the names numbers and addresses of shelters in the area ready in case you need to call or pay one a visit to the shelter to search for your missing pet.

Keep a Picture of your Pet Handy

  • Have a recent photo of your pet in your wallet or cell phone can help in the event of separation.

Find your Pet’s Secret Hiding Spot

  • Pets can be easily become frightened and hide in your home in emergencies, especially natural disasters such as fires, tornado and floods. Know where that spot is if you need to evacuate fast.

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Tiny Dog with a Big Job

Hi Dog Lovers,

16 pound Pusko who is a Jagdterrier-belgian malinois mix is the smallest and fiercest MWD at Norfolk Naval Base. He may be small but he holds his own in being bold and hardworking alongside his colleagues.


He is an active dog and loves to jump on everything and check the scene out. He is the smallest drug sniffing dog at a Naval Base. Although most people would assume being small is a disadvantage in his case it is not. When on board a vessel he is able to get into small, confined spaced where large dogs cant fit in. He is always a head turner when patrolling the base.

This story just goes to prove size doesnt matter.

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