Most Stolen Dog Breeds in Britain

Hey Dog Lovers,

Today we take this overseas to Britain to report on the Most Stolen Dog Breeds in Britain.

  1. Pomeranian – small frame, easy to grab and hide in a jacket or bag 
  2. Maltese – Friendly nature, small frame, easy to grab and hide in jacket or bag 
  3. French Bulldog – Especially careful with rare colors such as Blue or chocolate (can go for up to 2000 Euros) 
  4. Yorkshire Terrier – Most stolen breed (600 Euros) Small frame 
  5. Chihuahua  – Feisty but small to grab easier (1000 Euros) 
  6. Labradoodle – Friendly, easy going = easy target. (800 Euros) 
  7. German Shepard  – Usually stolen for illegal dog fighting (600 Euros) 
  8. Labrador Retriever  – very open and friendly personality (600-1000 Euros)
  9. Boston Terrier – Smart, calm, friendly, small frame (1200 Euros) 
  10. Pit Bull  – Stolen for illegal fighting and baiting purposes 

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Scams when Purchasing a Dog

Hey Dog Lovers,

Today we touch on a sad but educational subject of people being scammed when purchasing a dog. Usually from a breeder. In this post I will be giving out tips about what to look for to know it is a scam. As always try to Adopt before Shopping there are so many animals out there that need your help.


  • Pet scams often use free websites (Craig’s list, local newspapers, Facebook) to advertise pets that do not exist.
  • Expensive animals (Bulldogs, toy breeds) are offered at very low prices.
  • Animals offered up for adoption at no cost-all  you have to do is pay shipping is a scam.
  • Its important to remember these people are CRIMINALS they will lie, take your money, tell you sob stories, send you pictures of animals and assure you of their faith and religion (anything to get your money) Be smart and cautious. 

Things Scam Advertisers may say or do: 

  • Say they are having a family hardship, relocation or death of the person who owned the pet (climate isn’t good for the pet) 
  • Use a free Gmail or Yahoo account 
  • Call their pets babies and insist they only want a loving, forever home. May send you a list of questions about how you will take care of their pet, if you have had a pet before, etc.
  • Say they will use a “courier” or “pet delivery service” but do not tell you the name of the “courier”
  • Offer the pet in one location-close to you- and them tell you because of some situation the animals are somewhere else where you cannot see them or pick them up. 
  • Want Payment by Western Union , Money-gram or a similar service. They may ask you to lie tot he Agent at the bank to say you are sending money to a family member vs buying an animal 
  • Offer to ship from an international location to your doorstep for $250 or $350. (It costs more to ship a puppy internationally then a person to fly. Plus there are more expensive, NEVER expect to pay just this for a dog.
  • Tell you they want to ship the pet within 24 hours of payment. (That is impossible due to the time required to obtain import license and vet health certificates. 
  • Use different company names or variations of the same company in the text of the message 
  • Tell you their books are being audited; the head office is moving or something similar. 
  • Tell you to send the payment to a different office, usually but not always a Cameroon. 
  • Once you send the payment, an issue will arise, whether that be the crate isn’t big enough, needs a health inspection, needs insurance , etc. 
  • Not include a telephone number in their email; not available when you call (country code 237 is a scam) 
  • Have poor spelling and Grammar in their email 
  • Use the name and website of a legitimate pet shipper in their email

If you are Purchasing a Pet Online:

  • Do an online search (Bing, Google, AOL) for the email address of the advertiser. Scammers often place ads on several free sites and locations. If you find multiple ads it is most likely a scam. 
  • Try making arrangements to pick the animal up yourself, saying your will fly to wherever the animal is. If they cant make those arrangements it is probably a scam
  • Do an online search on part of the text used in the email you receive from the shipper. Especially search for their introduction or information on the company
  • Do not make any payments through Western Union, Money Gram or similar services. Once this payment leaves your hands there is no recovery.

If you have already made a payment to a scammer: 

  • Stop contact with the scammer
  • File a report with your local law enforcement 
  • File a report with the Internet Crime Complaint Center:
  • Contact the publication or site where you saw the ad 
  • Talk with a manager at the Money Gram or Western Union Office 
  • Do an online search for the advertisers email address 

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2017 Most Popular Breeds

Hey Dog Lovers,

Today’s topic is light an

d interesting as we indulge into the Most popular breeds of 2017.


Labrador Retriever 

  •  Most popular breed for 23 years in the US
  • Originally from Newfoundland 
  • Once used for retrieving games such as stray fish or game 
  • Gentle people pleasing personality 
  • Excellent for therapy, search and rescue and families



6-94968-german-shepherd-1425078396German Shepard 

  • Sturdy family breed
  • Used in law enforcement  and the military 
  • Loyal Family dogs 
  • Bred in Karlsruhe Germany in 1899
  • AKC Breed recognized in 1908
  • Hollywood Stay Rin-Tin-Tin in 20 films (Claim to Fame) 



Golden Retriever 6-94967-golden-retriever-1425078396

  • Bred in Scotland for hunting
  • 1800’s Lord Tweed mouth crossed a yellow retriever (above)with a now-extinct Tweed Water Spaniel. He later added Irish Setter and Bloodhound to the mix as well 
  • Excellent Family pet especially with children 



  • Cute and Curious tenacious little hunting dog 
  • Come in three color varieties: Tricolor.
  • In 1500’s English hunters use them to hunt smaller game like foxes and rabbits
  • Snoopy Charlie Brown’s Dog is the most famous beagle in Pop Culture 


Bull Dog6-94970-bulldog-1425078397

  • Known for its stocky build and wide wrinkly face is one of the most recognizable dog breeds
  • Its name refers to the breeds original use in bull baiting which England banned in 1835.
  • Families enjoy their relaxed temperament and minimal need for grooming and exercise. 
  • Their short snouts makes them prone to overheating in hot weather.


6-94974-yorkshire-terrier-1425078397Yorkshire Terrier 

  • Quintessential Purse Dog 
  • 19th century this dogs job was to hunt rats in clothing mills 
  • Rarely weigh more than 7 pounds 
  • Known for their long and silky blue and tan coats 



Boxer 6-94965-boxer-1425078397

  • Athletic and alerts
  • Prize Companion dog that loves to please 
  • Breed was used for hunting in 19th century and dog fighting 
  • During war time they worked as messengers 
  • Gentle with humans and adept guard dogs when needed



  • Sporting breed originated in Germany where hunters used the dogs as water retrievers 
  • The trademark “Poodle clip” fur style has become a symbol of wealth and status but the original intent was to protect the dogs joints from cold water during hunts 
  • Breed comes in 3 sizes 
  • Have several color variations but individual poodles always one solid color 


Rottweiler 6-94972-rottweiler-1425078398

  • Happiest when working; guarding a family home, assisting law enforcement, or serving on a search-and-rescue teams 
  • Muscular Bodies and aggressive appearance they make great companion 
  • Gentle with children 
  • Needs proper instructions 



  • Developed in Germany in the 1600’s 
  • Bred to root out badgers from their underground dens 
  • Small size and minimal exercise requirements make them great household companions 
  • Come in standard and miniature sized and can have long, short or wiry fur 


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Aggression & Fear can be reduced in Specific Breeds

Hey Dog Lovers,

Today we talk about Aggression & Fear and how it can be reduced in Specific Breeds.

So we know that a dogs personality including his likelihood to show aggression, is strongly influenced by his genetics. The goal is to control the breeding and don’t allow the aggressive animals to parent any litters so that over time you take the aggressive strain out of any breed that you target.

All this hype stems from the media hyping up “Bully Breeds” when a dog bites a child or attacks a person they immediately jump to the conclusion it was the dogs fault when 90% of the time its the child/person taunting or baiting the dog to react the way they did. We are only told one side of the story.

Since 2001 the Dutch Kennel Club began to require a behavior test (The socially acceptable behavior test for SAB) be administered to certain breeds: the Neapolitan Mastiff, Fila Brasileiro, Cane Corso, American Stafford shire Terrier and Rottweiler. The test aims to assess aggressive tendencies and extreme fearfulness (which can be a trigger for fear-based aggression)

The problem with such a program is that if it requires time, as we work out way through generations of dogs, but if it mimics the situation that my colleague noted for Doberman pinschers and as follows the trend shown in this present study involving Rottweilers, then significant effects might be noticed in a period of 5-10 years.  It is important to note that there is a long term, sensible alternative, which deals with the root problem of canine aggression-genetics-that is available and could be used.

Check back next week when we Look into the Most Popular Breeds.

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Lena Dunham Claims of Animal Abuse is Disputed

Hey Dog Lovers,

This week I dive into a recent news article regarding Lena Dunham and her claim that her former dog Lamby had “Challenging behavior and aggression” that stemmed from “Terrible abuse” the dog suffered as a puppy.

She adopted Lamby from BARC a no-kill shelter. Their spokesperson Robert Vazquez stated “I have pictures of the dog loving on Lena and her mom, which is weird if the dog was abused. It would not be cuddling with her or be in her bed with her ‘Boyfriend’ in the pages of Vogue”


BARC was insulted to be accused of adopting an abused dog to a celebrity or any person and to jeopardize the dogs well being or the humans to a possible dangerous situation. They also stated they would share with the potential dog adopter if there were any issues as they are a no-kill shelter and don’t lie about dogs.

In June Lena posted about Lambys absence in her instagram photos was due to him being at “an amazing professional facility in Los Angeles” After she tried “Training or medication or consistent loving dog ownership”  He was sent to The Zen Dog a canine rehabilitation center in LA. Matt Beisner the owner said he arrived a hot mess, overly medicated and drinking his own urine. Since then he has improved immensely and is in a new home.

Check back next week when we talk about Aggression and Fear can be breed related.

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