2017 Most Popular Breeds

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Today’s topic is light an

d interesting as we indulge into the Most popular breeds of 2017.


Labrador Retriever 

  •  Most popular breed for 23 years in the US
  • Originally from Newfoundland 
  • Once used for retrieving games such as stray fish or game 
  • Gentle people pleasing personality 
  • Excellent for therapy, search and rescue and families



6-94968-german-shepherd-1425078396German Shepard 

  • Sturdy family breed
  • Used in law enforcement  and the military 
  • Loyal Family dogs 
  • Bred in Karlsruhe Germany in 1899
  • AKC Breed recognized in 1908
  • Hollywood Stay Rin-Tin-Tin in 20 films (Claim to Fame) 



Golden Retriever 6-94967-golden-retriever-1425078396

  • Bred in Scotland for hunting
  • 1800’s Lord Tweed mouth crossed a yellow retriever (above)with a now-extinct Tweed Water Spaniel. He later added Irish Setter and Bloodhound to the mix as well 
  • Excellent Family pet especially with children 



  • Cute and Curious tenacious little hunting dog 
  • Come in three color varieties: Tricolor.
  • In 1500’s English hunters use them to hunt smaller game like foxes and rabbits
  • Snoopy Charlie Brown’s Dog is the most famous beagle in Pop Culture 


Bull Dog6-94970-bulldog-1425078397

  • Known for its stocky build and wide wrinkly face is one of the most recognizable dog breeds
  • Its name refers to the breeds original use in bull baiting which England banned in 1835.
  • Families enjoy their relaxed temperament and minimal need for grooming and exercise. 
  • Their short snouts makes them prone to overheating in hot weather.


6-94974-yorkshire-terrier-1425078397Yorkshire Terrier 

  • Quintessential Purse Dog 
  • 19th century this dogs job was to hunt rats in clothing mills 
  • Rarely weigh more than 7 pounds 
  • Known for their long and silky blue and tan coats 



Boxer 6-94965-boxer-1425078397

  • Athletic and alerts
  • Prize Companion dog that loves to please 
  • Breed was used for hunting in 19th century and dog fighting 
  • During war time they worked as messengers 
  • Gentle with humans and adept guard dogs when needed



  • Sporting breed originated in Germany where hunters used the dogs as water retrievers 
  • The trademark “Poodle clip” fur style has become a symbol of wealth and status but the original intent was to protect the dogs joints from cold water during hunts 
  • Breed comes in 3 sizes 
  • Have several color variations but individual poodles always one solid color 


Rottweiler 6-94972-rottweiler-1425078398

  • Happiest when working; guarding a family home, assisting law enforcement, or serving on a search-and-rescue teams 
  • Muscular Bodies and aggressive appearance they make great companion 
  • Gentle with children 
  • Needs proper instructions 



  • Developed in Germany in the 1600’s 
  • Bred to root out badgers from their underground dens 
  • Small size and minimal exercise requirements make them great household companions 
  • Come in standard and miniature sized and can have long, short or wiry fur 


Thanks for reading dog lovers. Have a great week!

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