Thanksgiving Yes and No’s When it Comes to Foods

Hey Dog Lovers,
As Thanksgiving approaches fast remember to consider that everything you eat your dog may not be able to/could be deadly to them. To make things simpler for you I have made a list of Yes and No Foods typically eaten on Thanksgiving.


No. Pets cannot eat turkey stuffing, although bread is not harmful to pets other stuffing ingredients can cause serious problems. Onions, Grapes and raisins are toxic to pets. Stuffing can easily disagree with your pets digestive system.

Pumpkin Pie?

No. No pie for your pet but they can eat pumpkin with you in forms of plain canned pumpkin or create another dog friendly treats as it helps with digestion.

Sweet Potatoes?

Yes. Like Turkey, your dog can enjoy sweet potatoes cooked and prepared plain. Avoid the marshmallows and spice on top though, save that for the humans, as these ingredients can easily upset your pets stomach.

Other Dangerous and Toxic Foods for pets to be aware of?

Chocolate as it contains Xylitol (an artificial sweetener) which is toxic to pets.


Make sure your decorations are pet-proof, mainly flowers as lilies are toxic to cats. Avoid ribbon/other small decorations that can be easily swallowed. Although they do look pretty they can cause serious obstructions if your pet eats them.

Creating a Safe Environment for Pets

Create a safe and quiet place for your pet. Inform your guests to avoid feeding your pet table scraps.

Thanks for reading !

Thanks for reading dog lovers. Have a great week!

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