13 Fun Ways to Workout with your dog

Hey Dog Lovers,
As new years approaches and you begin to start thinking about your new years resolution make sure your health is not a huge concern with 13 Fun ways to work out with your dog.


Because dogs are creatures of habit, once they get into the routine of a morning run they wont let you skip those drizzling weather days or blah feeling days. Only time to consider the health of your dog is in the humidity and heat as dogs dont sweat like we do. Keep your runs under 5 miles.

Stand-Up Paddle boarding

The design of a paddle board makes it almost to easy to bring your canine companion with you. Make sure you choose a calm day on the water for your dog to learn their sea legs and find their balance. Wait until they are comfortable and as a safety precaution put  your dog in a life vest.


Works best with sit-on-top kayak. Smaller breeds perch up front, while larger breeds feel safer at your feet. Teach them to get in and out of the kayak on dry land then slowly increase to deeper water.


Is walking your dog feeling like your arm is going to fall off from all the pulling? Turn the tables on your canine companion with cycling. This may also help with any behavioral issues as a lot of these issues stem from lack of exercise or not enough.


This is another great way to burn off your dogs excess energy, however make sure you are confident on the blades as dogs dont have brakes and it can turn into a dangerous game fast.

Dog-Friendly Boot Camp

Leash your fitness in San Diego and K9 Fit club in Chicago are becoming popular fitness places that allow dogs to participate. During classes you will run through high-intensity moves for strength, balance and cardio while your dog is practices obedience drills. It is good to expose your dog to distracting environments that help with other adventures as well.

Dog Yoga.

“Doga” is a thing, and it turns out pooches are naturals at this ancient practice. The real goal is to increase the bond between pet and human. Usually there is doggy massage and acupressure involved. This also has the opportunity to do a regular health check, feeling for lumps beneath her fur.

Active Fetch.

Instead of just standing in one place while you dog fetches the ball you just threw try to mix it up. Try some squats, lunges, crunches, etc. Do this until you are both panting and worn out. Better yet race in for the ball and squeeze in some sprints. Fetch just became a game for two!

Soccer. (Kody loved to play soccer) 

Herding breeds love to play soccer. Pet brands do sell soccer-style balls (resistant to sharp teeth) in different sizes like the 5 inch Orbee-tuff ball from Planet Dog. One you teach them kick or dribble with their nose or paw.

Snow Shoeing and Cross Country Skiing.

Many dogs love to romp in the snow. Whether you are in Snow shoes or Skis you will get a low-impact, total-body workout. Watch for snow building up in the pads on their paws and if necessary buy them booties.


Thanks to the vertical element, climbing stairs, bleachers makes your quads, hamstrings and glutes work extra hard. You will tighten up your lower half while your dog burns off all those treats.

Join a Canine Charity Race.

You have the perfect training buddy and your goals are the same. Events for dogs and owners are: Fast and the Furry 8K in St Paul MN and Rescue Me 5K9 in Irvine CA.

Don’t Have a Dog?

You can still work with one, partner with your local animal shelters and volunteer your time with an animal who needs some extra love and attention. Just call your local animal shelter for more details on how you can stay active and make a difference.

Thanks for reading dog lovers. Have a great week!

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