6 Reasons Why Owning a Dog is Good for your Health

Hey Dog Lovers,

As we wrap up 2017 I wanted to share some health benefits of owning a dog as we gear up for the new year.

Stay Active.

Dogs need to be exercised daily, this encourages you to do the same to keep a sharp mental and physical game.

Boost your Mood. 

Spending 15-30 minutes with their pet can make them feel relaxed and calm.It also raises chemical levels in your brain associated with pleasure and tranquility.

Relieve Stress.

Dogs have a calming effect on humans. Their calming presence helps us redirect stress to serenity.

Protect from heart disease.

Dog Owners tend to have reduced risk of heart disease, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and experience fewer heart attacks.

Detect Cancer.

Some dogs can sniff out and detect skin, bladder, breast, colon, lung and ovarian cancer. Some even can sniff and bit off skin moles.

Make your Kids Healthier.

Kids who grow up in a home with dogs are less likely to have allergies and eczema. Also fewer sick days from school if they have a dog.


Thanks for reading dog lovers. Have a great week!

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