10 New Years Resolutions for you and your dog

Hey Dog Lovers,

Happy New Year! Hope  you and your fur babies all stayed safe and enjoyed time off  from work. I have conjured up some New years resolutions to consider for you and your dog.

Measuring your dogs food at each meal. – I know I am hugely guilty of this one as I tend to eye out the cup and think its good, but no one want to hear from their vets (like I did) that your dog could afford to lose some weight.

Make sure your dog gets proper socialization- whether that be on a stroll in the park, on the sidewalk, in your yard socialization is key with any dog to avoid developing problems such as aggression, fear and or anxiety towards other people or dogs.

Try and new Activity with your Dog- A great way to bond with your dog both mentally and physically stimulate both of you. Being active is a great way to bond, such as hiking, training classes , or breed based activities such as herding for my cattle dog Aussie.  

Visit Your Vet – Regular Checkups and important in maintaining your dogs health. From checking their weight and making sure their up to date on all their vaccinations its better to be safe then sorry.

Play More– Your dog lives to spend with you. You are their favorite part of the day and time with you means everything. Engaging is a great way to make them feel part of the pack. Ten minutes to you throwing the ball, or tugging on a rope feels like a lot to them.

Groom your Dog Daily-  A great way to bond with your dog, and serves medical purposes. Brushing your dogs fur reduces shedding and helps distributes oils into the fur that help to keep the coat shiny and healthy. The soothing nature of grooming deepens the bond of trust between you and your dog.

Don’t Forget Their Teeth  – Although its not the most glamorous part of owning a dog, but it has a broad impact on their health. Tartar build up can cause a series of health problems that extend past basic hygiene. Dental treats are: Carrots and Celery and I personally recommend Denta Chews, my dogs love them.

Teach your Dog a New Trick- This is fun for both of you- high fives, play dead, roll over, the options are limitless. Plus showing them off is fun as well. This also helps with mental stimulation keeping them sharp and having fun interacting.

Keep your Dogs ID Tags and Trackers Updated– A lot can change in a year, you move, change phone numbers and technology changes as well. Keep all information on your pets updated in all systems that apply.

Consider Adding a Dog to your Family or Fostering- You can never have too many dogs, unless the situation limits you (behavior problems, lack of space or money) adopting or fostering a dog is a great way to give back.

Resolutions are a fun way to start the new year on a positive and productive note.

Thanks for reading dog lovers. Have a great week!

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