10 Best Dog Foods

Hey Dog Lovers,

My stepdad recently shared with me a list of the top 10 Dog Foods both dry and wet foods from Dog Food Adviser, I have linked to the review as to not take away from their research. Enjoy!

**These are in specific order.**

Acana Regional s Dog Food – Dry-5 Stars

Fromm Family Gold Dog Food- Wet – 4.5 Stars 


Holistic Select Grain Free (Canned) – Wet- 5 Stars 


Horizon Legacy Dog Food – Dry- 5 Stars


Merrick Grain Free Dog Food- Dry- 5 Stars 




Nature’s Variety Instinct Dog Food – Dry – 5 Stars



Pinnacle Peak Protein Formula Dog Food- Dry-5 Stars 



Taste of the Wild – Wet- 5 Stars 



Victor Grain Free Dog Food – Dry- 5 Stars 


Wellness Core Dog Food – Dry- 5 Stars 



Thanks for reading dog lovers. Have a great week!

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