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Hi, I am Chelsea a 2015 graduate of Westfield State University with a degree in English concentrating in writing. I currently work as a Customer Service Rep. But I have also worked at a dog kennel for 4 years. I have one personal dog and my parents own two. Dogs are my passion and I hope to one day open my own kennel/shelter.




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Introduction to the co-stars of my life:


This is Aussie, my Australian Cattle Dog. She is a one year old spitball of energy. She is 18485691_10154833028101634_7411334399972875178_nsweet and full of so much personality for one small dog. I adopted her from Stowe Farms in Millbury Ma and they constantly have dogs for adoption so look out for them. She is the first dog I have every owned. I have even started her own blog for her so check that out its called Aussies Amazing Adventures.!

iphone picture 055Jasmine was an 11 year old Saint Bernard Hound weighing a total of 75 lbs. She loved to eat things in her younger years and sleep in her older years. She came from a kill shelter in the south, so when we adopted her at 14 weeks she was severely afraid of almost everything and especially men. Unfortunately we made the tough choice to put her down this past December as she was in too much pain to keep alive. I miss her more than most people know and I wouldn’t trade those days for anything.

IMG_0505Kody was my 9 year old Black Lab Golden Retriever, his real name is Kodiak as in the bear because he looks like one. We got him for free as his mom was a pure bred dark red golden retriever and was suppose to be breed with another golden was knocked up by the Black lab stud of the neighborhood the night before and now we have Kody. He sadly passed away in 2016 and will forever be missed.




This is Bear who is my 4 year old Chow Lab mix, who has a kind heart, sweet and insane all at once. He loves to hunt bunnies in the yard and is training Aussie to be his side kick. He is a stubborn but caring little man who knows how to love and protect a family when needed. My love for him grows each day.


Introducing the newest member of my dog pack, Sampson. He is a pit bull, lab mix andIMG_4871 he is 8 months old. He is a goofy little man who I like to call Bam Bam. He is sweet when he wants to be and Loves to romp around with Bear and Aussie.



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