Guest Posts

I want to personally invite you to submit material and be a guest writer on my blog All Things Dog. Try to make sure these pieces are not more than 800 words in length and related to dogs in some way.  In submitting material, you warrant that you have the right to do so and that your work does not infringe on the copyright or rights of privacy of others; you also agree that we may post and maintain the article on our site as well as allow re-posting on sites with which we have established relationships. You retain copyright but grant us exclusive online rights for a period of one year and non-exclusive thereafter.

At this time there is no payment for being a guest poster but I do encourage you to still send some work to get published.

Please email your work to and include YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME and WEB ORIGINALS SUBMISSION in the subject line. We will not accept hard copy submissions for this category.

We always are interested in hearing from you if you have any story ideas, or would like to have coverage of an issue/story that you might think our readers would enjoy.

**Please note, these will go on our main posting page with an intro of Guest Post:’your title” and then your article, If you wish to include personal links to your own blog or social media I would be happy to include those at the bottom as well**


Chelsea Nelson

The Dog Blogger