Top 10 Pet Costumes for Halloween 2017

Happy Halloween Dog Lovers,

Today I share the Top 10 Pet Costumes for Halloween 2017.

**They are in no particular order**

top10-gc5014USA Flag Pet Costumes: Perfect for your caped crusader. The pet costume comes with a shiny red, whit and blue american flag cape. Cape has a tie closure around the neck and underneath the belly.


Beer Keg Pet Costume: They true party animal. Includes a fully body suit complete with attached stuffed dog. Both dogs look like they are wearing but off jeans, t-shirt and carrying a Keg.




top10-gc5008Hot Dog Costumer: Frankly this costume is a Weiner. Includes: Plush stuffed buns with red fabric that looks like a hot dog with a squirt of mustard down the middle.



top10-cc20123Animal Planet Pet Lion Costume: Transform your dog into the King of the Jungle! Includes: Brown Plush man head piece



top10-cc20151UPS Pet Pal Costume: This pup is making a special delivery. Includes: Brown shirt with attached extra arms, a matching visor and a little UPS Box.




top10-cc20149Spider Pet Costume: Spiders don’t always have to be scary! Includes: A fur headpiece with yellow googly eyes, and an adjustable fur costume with attached legs.



Star Wars Yoda Pet Costumer: Chase the Frisbee and catch the top10-ru887893balls they will! Includes: Brown Jumpsuit featuring Yoda-style suit and jacket and green headpiece with wing-like ears and plush arms.


top10-gc4925Dumb and Dumber Harry Pet Costumer: Get the Party Started! Includes: Baby blue tuxedo style jacket with ruffles dickie, matching bow tie and top hat.



top10-gc4459Chiquita Banana Costume: Your pooch will be the hit of the party! Includes: Yellow banana shaped tunic with easy on-off Velcro fastener.



top10-ru887800Minion Pet Costume: This adorable cartoon servant will steal the show! Includes: Blue and Yellow jumpsuit with character headpiece.




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DIY Halloween Pet Cemetery Ideas

Hey Dog Lovers,

As Halloween Approaches (Next week) remember to buy the candy for the children as well as decorate your house.

One of my personal favorite decorations people have started to grasp the concept of it Pet Cemeteries. I wanted to share a few from Pintrest to you get you in the Halloween Spirit. Enjoy!:



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Mans best friend gets a custom room all to himself

Hey Dog Lovers,

Hennessy a 6 year old French Bulldog who lives in Florida with his humans just received a custom room done by none other than his Dad.

For this story I feel as though pictures speak louder than words:




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Can Dogs Smell Their ‘Reflections’

Hey Dog lovers,

Todays topic although seems silly is actually one I found some light humor and educating at the same time.

Can Dogs smell their reflections?

In 1970 the Mirror test was born when psychologist Gordon Gallup Jr dyed chimps eyebrows red and then placed them by a mirror in which they touched their newly dyed eyebrows in confusion.

Dogs can see just fine but they live in a world of smell. When comforting a stressed or anxious dog showing them the world through smells, such as chemicals in the air and the smell of the grass.

The test was done with a scientists personal dog which came back they were more drawn to newer smells than there own.

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Hurricane Harvey Can’t Distract this Dog from Priorities

Hey Dog Lovers,

As Texas and Louisiana get the brunt of Hurricane Harvey there was one dog who didn’t let that phase him when evacuating his home, as he took only what was most important: his food.

Although it seems silly at first glance reading it or seeing it on the news this actually shows the intelligence dogs have. If I was in Texas and had to evacuate fast I would grab: my phone, charger, my dog and leave. The thought of food would not even be on my mind. Points to this dog for thinking of his future meals.

The dogs name is Otis, he is a golden retriever mix. Apparently having the survival trait is a Texan thing.

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Delaware Governor Signs Dog Breed Bias Bill

Hey Dog Lovers,
The law outlined:
  • state regulations protecting the public from dangerous dogs cannot define criminal liability based solely on breed specific criteria
  • Determining whether a dog is dangerous or not will be based on the individual’s behavior, not by breed
  • Cities and other municipalities can’t enact any breed-specific ordinances or regulations.
  • Animal control teams and shelters also won’t be allowed to discriminate against certain breeds for the purposes of facilitating adoption.
  • Best Friends Animal Society legislative attorney Lee Greenwood. “The simple truth is that breed discrimination doesn’t work and the safest laws focus on the behavior of the dog and the dog owner.”
  • Other states with similar legislation include New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Arizona.

Although not all states have this it is a step in the right direction. 

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Ruff Transitions: Tips for Helping Your Dog adjust to Your New Home

Good Morning Dog Lovers,

Today I have a tasty treat for you, my first ever guest post blogger. Please enjoy her article and let me know if you or someone you know is interested in guest post blogging on here. 1

Buying a new home or moving to a new apartment can be a thrilling and stressful event, no less so if you have pets. Changes in your routine can be especially stressful for your four-legged family members, so here are a few tips to help you make the adjustment easier for your dog.

Explore Your New Neighborhood

First, check out the neighborhood where you’ll be living to see how pet-friendly it is. See if they have any local laws or policies related to pets such as leash laws and dog-restricted areas. Find the closest dog parks and pet-friendly restaurants, as well as good places to walk your dog. Make sure that your dog’s vaccinations are up-to-date and seek out a new veterinarian if you’re moving too far to keep your old one.

Once you know where you’ll be living, see if you can take your dog to visit and walk around. Familiarize them with the neighboring pets and people slowly, before or after you move, to keep them from getting overwhelmed.

Stage Your Old Home

Prepare your old space for selling. Pack personal mementos like family photos and child-made knickknacks; not only does this help declutter the space and make it look bigger, it helps potential buyers imagine themselves living there. Find a nook in the closet or cabinets to tuck away your dog’s belongings, too, including dishes, beds, and leashes. Some will associate a dog with a dirty house and dug-up yard, so create the illusion that your home is pet-free for showings.

Keep Your Dog’s Routine As Consistent As You Can

As you begin packing, limit access to the rooms being affected as much as possible. Put out a few boxes and suitcases to get your dog used to them and keep as much of their routine, along with familiar toys, bedding and feeding stations, around as long as possible. If they aren’t crate trained, do it before the move. Take them for walks when showing the house, and pack their things last.

Limit Pet Stress on Moving Day

On the day of the move, if possible, take them somewhere comfortable and friendly while boxes are being loaded by the movers. Put them in the moving vehicle last, preferably in a car they’re familiar with. If you’re flying, remember that larger dogs cannot fit in or under airplane seats and must go in the cargo hold. Decide if that’s what you want or whether you prefer to make alternate arrangements. If driving long distance, be sure to plan for breaks every 4 to 6 hours and to find pet friendly overnight lodging, if necessary. Car trips with your pet must be able to accommodate their need for breaks to be comfortable for everyone. Be sure that you have their medical records and a current photo with you in case you get separated.

Help Them Settle In

Once you get to your new home, take your dog outside immediately to relieve themselves and explore the new environment. Keep them leashed or restricted until you know that the new yard or outdoor space is secure and that hazardous chemicals and food have been unpacked and put away. Set up their new routine of feeding and walks as soon as possible to mirror their old routines and times. Introduce them to the new space and neighborhood slowly, keeping as many of their toys, beds, unwashed blankets, and bowls as possible. Get on the floor and play with them to spread your scent in the new area and help them to be less anxious. Walk and compliment them frequently to help them see that you’re still family, even with the location change. Make their new space fun. When leaving them alone, leave toys and treats to help them feel more comfortable.

Though you’ll never be able to eliminate every source of stress during a move, these steps can help ease the transition into your new home significantly for both you and your dog. Don’t forget to throw in plenty of exercise to burn off your frustrations, and focus on the positive end goal: a fresh start in a beautiful new home with your beloved canine companion.

Guest Post Blogger: Cindy Aldridge