Chelseas Canine Crafts


Chelseas Canine Crafts is a campaign that raises money for shelters to manage and improve the quality of stay of their animals until they find their forever homes. Sterling shelter is where the idea came from as that is where my family adopted Jasmine who recently passed in November. Jasmine will forever be my first dog and my inspiration for Scarves for Paws.

Chelseas Canine Crafts are quality hand knitted scarves and hats with a paw print sewn on to bring attention to the need to help sheltered animals.

Items for sale:

Scarfs: $18

Harley Paws Collection: $25

Hats: $15

Sets (2 items): $5 Off total 

Holiday Baskets: $30

Normal Baskets: $25

Head wraps: $10

Dog Beds $20-30

Bracelets – $10

*We do custom orders as well!*

*Extra $2-5 dollars on shipping depending on order*

*20% of the months proceeds benefit the shelter of the month.

Your referrals and support is greatly appreciated. Please spread the word about Chelseas Canine Crafts to give sheltered dogs a better stay until its time for them to go to their forever homes.

scarevs for paws

If interested in buying a scarf or item not featured on the website or want to talk to me more feel free to comment on any of my posts, email me , like and comment on the Facebook page or follow us on Instagram (@ChelseasCanineCrafts) or Twitter (@ChelseasCanineCrafts)


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