Testimony’s for Scarves for Paws

Read how others felt about the scarves I had crafted to benefit dog shelters….

May Randall – The scarf I bought from Chelsea exceeded my expectations. It’s perfect for chilly days and just the color I was looking for! You definitely can’t find a scarf like it for so low a price. And of course the fact that the money goes to charity makes it that much better

Sabrina Farley – I bought two scarves from Chelsea for Christmas gifts this year. She was able to make the scarves during this busy time of year very fast. But, she did so without sacrificing the quality of the garment. I also have one of these scarves myself and it has kept me very warm this winter. It quickly became my my favorite scarf I own because of the texture, quality and the warmth it provided.Not only is the scarf a good quality idem but it is a trending statement that shows your care for comfort, fashion and animals. Each scarf is made from hand. I have even read about these scarves on a popular fashion blog.  She was also featured on a blog about ethical shopping as well.

Alaina Leary – “Chelsea’s scarves are beautiful, warm, cozy, and look cute with any outfit. I bought two – one in purple, and one in white – so I could interchange them during the colder months. I was also really supportive of the cause, because the proceeds go toward helping Sterling Animal Shelter, and I have an animal science background and used to volunteer at a shelter. I loved knowing that I got two great scarves and still was giving back to an organization that I truly believe in.”

Professor Beverly Army Williams (professor at WSU)- “As a knitter, I love my super-long squishy garter stitch infinity scarf, and as a dog lover, I feel good knowing that Scarves for Paws donates 60% of proceeds to a no-kill dog shelter. The scarves are beautifully made, and the hardest decision is–which color? I confess…at the bargain price of $10/scarf, I’ll be adding to my color palette!”

Professor Nielsen (Professor at WSU): The start of the school year brings with it much excitement: so many new students, new courses, new ideas, new colleagues. But my favorite part of the new school year is pulling out my old autumn wardrobe. So, imagine my delight when I opened a backpack I hadn’t used since I brought it home last spring and found it stuffed with my favorite cardigan and two fluffy Scarves for Paws. These scarves are well-crafted, warm, and thick. But my favorite element of them is that each has a small felt dog paw stitched to it, just a little reminder that the scarves aren’t merely highly functional fashion, but also for a very good cause.



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